, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 34-40

Low rate of YMDD motif mutations in polymerase gene of hepatitis B virus in chronically infected patients not treated with lamivudine

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The existence of lamivudine-resistant viruses was examined in 20 asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis B virus (ASC), 10 patients who lost hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) during follow-up and in 20 lamivudine-treated patients with and without breakthrough hepatitis. Both polymerase chain reaction (PCR) restriction fragment length polymorphism and SMITEST hepatitis B virus (HBV)-YMDD mutation detection methods were used to detect resistant viruses.


No YMDD mutants were detected in the sera of the 20 ASC at the initial and final medical examinations, nor were YMDD mutants detected in sera collected at the initial medical examination, about 6 months before, or immediately after the loss of HBsAg in the 10 patients. In the 20 patients treated with lamivudine, YMDD mutants were not detected in any of them before treatment, whereas mutants were detected in the sera of 10 patients during treatment.


Our results suggest that lamivudine-resistant YMDD mutant viruses were present in a few patients with HBV infection who before they have been treated with lamivudine.