, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp 1745-1756
Date: 21 Dec 2013

Multi-objective performance optimization of a probabilistic similarity/dissimilarity-based broadcasting scheme for mobile ad hoc networks in disaster response scenarios

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Communications among crewmembers in rescue teams and among victims are crucial to relieve the consequences and damages of a disaster situation. A common communication system for establishing real time communications between the elements (victims, crewmembers, people living in the vicinity of the disaster scenario, among others) involved in a disaster scenario is required. Ad hoc networks have been envisioned for years as a possible solution. They allow users to establish decentralized communications quickly and using common devices like mobile phones. Broadcasting is the main mechanism used to disseminate information in all-to-all fashion in ad hoc networks. The objective of this paper is to optimize a broadcasting scheme based on similarity/dissimilarity coefficient designed for disaster response scenarios through a multi-objective optimization problem in which several performance metrics such as reachability, number of retransmissions and delay are optimized simultaneously.