, Volume 157, Issue 10, pp 821-823

Supernumerary nipples: prevalence, size, sex and side predilection – a prospective clinical study

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The purpose of the following clinical study was to determine the prevalence, size, sex and side predilection of supernumerary nipples. Out of 502 patients, 28 (5.6%) exhibited a supernumerary nipple of small (only areola with diameter less than 30% of normal areola) or middle size (areola with nipple, diameter 30%–50% of normal areola). The male/female ratio was 20/8 and left/right side ratio 15/7 in males and 5/4 in females.

Conclusion A supernumerary areola or a supernumerary areola with nipple is a frequent finding. There is a higher prevalence for the left side and male gender.

Received: 2 December 1997 / Accepted in revised form: 31 March 1998