, Volume 164, Issue 11, pp 705-707
Date: 13 Jul 2005

Diabetes mellitus type 2 in childhood and adolescence in Germany and parts of Austria

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A rise in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2 DM) in adolescence and childhood has been observed in North America, especially in minority populations such as the American Indians, during the past decades [2]. Few epidemiological data on the incidence of the disease in young people exist in Europe [1, 4, 5]. To obtain an estimate of the magnitude of this problem in Germany, we tried to evaluate the prevalence of T2 DM in people under the age of 20 years using the DPV-Wiss database, a database covering half of the existing diabetes patients in this age group in Germany.


Data [gender, date of birth, date of diabetes manifestation, weight, height, body mass index (BMI), insulin requirements and HbA1c] from 25,706 diabetic patients longitudinally documented in 179 diabetic centres in Germany and parts of Austria in a standardized quality control database were included in the analysis. Since 1991, participants have been asked to characterize their patients accordi ...

This article was written on behalf of the DPV-Wiss Initiative of the German Working Group for Pediatric Diabetology