, Volume 236, Issue 6, pp 1943-1954
Date: 19 Sep 2012

Extraction of quantitative characteristics describing wheat leaf pubescence with a novel image-processing technique

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Leaf pubescence (hairiness) in wheat plays an important biological role in adaptation to the environment. However, this trait has always been methodologically difficult to phenotype. An important step forward has been taken with the use of computer technologies. Computer analysis of a photomicrograph of a transverse fold line of a leaf is proposed for quantitative evaluation of wheat leaf pubescence. The image-processing algorithm is implemented in the LHDetect2 software program accessible as a Web service at http://​wheatdb.​org/​lhdetect2. The results demonstrate that the proposed method is rapid, adequately assesses leaf pubescence density and the length distribution of trichomes and the data obtained using this method are significantly correlated with the density of trichomes on the leaf surface. Thus, the proposed method is efficient for high-throughput analysis of leaf pubescence morphology in cereal genetic collections and mapping populations.