, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 743-745
Date: 17 Jul 2010

Overestimation of Chernobyl consequences: poorly substantiated information published

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Previously, we commented on some publications overestimating medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident (Jargin 2007; 2009a, b). In this context, it is interesting to note that the New York Academy of Sciences published recently a volume dedicated to the Chernobyl accident (New York Academy of Sciences 2009). Most of the articles in this volume are authored by Alexei Vladimirovich Yablokov, whose work was previously criticized (Jargin 2010). In New York Academy of Sciences 2009, Prof. Yablokov cites mass media, commercial editions, websites of unclear affiliation and other non-professional publications, to substantiate his opinion. At the same time, international literature on the medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident is scarcely quoted and almost not discussed. Articles by other authors in (New York Academy of Sciences 2009) also include poorly substantiated information.

To give an example, Chap. 13 in New York Academy of Sciences 2009 on “Decorporation of Chernobyl radion ...