, Volume 278, Issue 5, pp 483-485
Date: 26 Feb 2008

Prenatal diagnosis of imperforate hymen with hydrometrocolpos

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Imperforate hymen is one of the most simple and most common anomalies in the female genital organs, occurring in 0.1% of girls born at term. Some are recognized because of mucocolpos at birth, but the diagnosis is usually not detected before puberty. Rarely, obstetric sonography may prenatally detect imperforate hymen due to presentation of hydrocolpos or hydrometrocolpos in the fetus if fetal cervical and vaginal secretions accumulate in response to circulating maternal estrogens. Nonetheless, reports of prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of hydrometrocolpos are still very rare. In this article we report a prenatally diagnosed of imperforate hymen with hydrometrocolpos.