, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 1-2
Date: 04 Jun 2008

The twenty-fifth anniversary of experiments in fluids

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In late 1982, Springer-Verlag announced the forthcoming appearance of Experiments in Fluids, and the accompanying flyer stated that the new journal would publish papers on

  • new and improved measurement techniques for fluid flow,

  • new and improved applications for experimental methods,

  • new results to aid understanding of phenomena of fluid mechanics, convective heat transfer and combustion.

These three items of the journal’s aims and scope described well the situation of experimental research on fluid flow. The availability of lasers and computers promoted the development of new measurement techniques, and the demand for resolving three-dimensionality and time dependence of fluid flows was increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the need for quantitative data associated with visualized flow phenomena was strong, especially with the rapid growth of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

However, the description of experimental methods was scattered amongst very diverse journals, which led, in some cases, ...