, Volume 91, Issue 2, pp 333-335
Date: 20 Feb 2008

Pulsed laser deposition of chromium-doped zinc selenide thin films for mid-infrared applications

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We have grown Cr doped ZnSe thin films by pulsed laser deposition on GaAs, sapphire and Si substrates through KrF excimer laser ablation of hot-pressed targets containing appropriate stoichiometric mixtures of Zn, Se, and Cr species and hot-pressed ceramic targets made of ZnSe and CrSe powders in vacuum and in an He background environment (10-4 Torr). Deposited films were analyzed using X-ray diffraction to determine crystallinity and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence to confirm Cr incorporation into the films. Photoluminescence measurements on the films show intracenter Cr2+ emission in the technologically important 2–2.6 μm spectral range.