Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy

, Volume 34, Issue 6, pp 527–534

The Visible Human Projects in Korea and China with improved images and diverse applications


  • Jing-Xing Dai
    • Department of AnatomySouthern Medical University
  • Min Suk Chung
    • Department of AnatomyAjou University School of Medicine
  • Rong-Mei Qu
    • Department of AnatomySouthern Medical University
  • Lin Yuan
    • Department of AnatomySouthern Medical University
  • Shu-Wei Liu
    • Research Center for Sectional and Imaging AnatomyShandong University School of Medicine
    • Department of AnatomyAjou University School of Medicine
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DOI: 10.1007/s00276-012-0945-8

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Dai, J., Chung, M.S., Qu, R. et al. Surg Radiol Anat (2012) 34: 527. doi:10.1007/s00276-012-0945-8



The Visible Human Projects, which were launched in the United States, have also been developed in Korea and China during the past decade. This article includes the new trials to promote a variety of their applications.


In a Korean laboratory, whole bodies of two cadavers were serially sectioned (Visible Korean), while two Chinese institutes have sectioned nine cadavers (Chinese Visible Human and Virtual Chinese Human). For acquiring sectioned images and stereoscopic models of better quality, appropriate cadavers were chosen; equipments and techniques for embedding, sectioning, photography, and computer processing were continuously improved in the two countries. To facilitate the research, Korean and Chinese scientists have visited each other.


The sectioned images with thinner intervals (0.2 mm or less) and higher resolution were obtained. From the advanced data, the segmented images of comprehensive structures were prepared to construct three-dimensional models. Then, cross-sectional images and models were offered for medical education and clinical practice such as electronic anatomy atlas and virtual lumbar puncture.


Every project has its strengths and weaknesses with regard to the image data; users in the world can choose the project that best suits their needs.


Visible Human ProjectsCadaverFrozen sectionsThree-dimensional imagingAnatomy

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