, Volume 33, Issue 9, pp 1789-1792
Date: 22 Jul 2009

A Randomized, Clinical Trial of Frozen Versus Standard Nasogastric Tube Placement

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Insertion of a nasogastric tube (NGT) in an anesthetized, paralyzed, and intubated patient is difficult, and many methods have been proposed to aid in the procedure. We present a simple insertion technique.


A silicone NGT was made rigid by filling it with distilled water and freezing it. Patients were randomized into either the control or the frozen group, and an NGT was inserted after intubation.


A total of 100 patients (50 in each group) were included in this study. The success rate increased significantly by making the tube more rigid (control:frozen = 58%:88%; p = 0.001). There was no difference between groups in the incidence of nasal bleeding.


A simple method of freezing an NGT with distilled water increased the success rate of insertion for intubated patients.