, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp 586-591

A new route to l -threo -3-[4-(methylthio)phenylserine], a key intermediate for the synthesis of antibiotics: recombinant low-specificity d -threonine aldolase-catalyzed stereospecific resolution

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A new enzymatic resolution process was established for the production of l-threo-3-[4-(methylthio)phenylserine] (MTPS), an intermediate for synthesis of antibiotics, florfenicol and thiamphenicol, using the recombinant low-specificity d-threonine aldolase from Arthrobacter sp. DK-38. Chemically synthesized dl-threo-MTPS was efficiently resolved with either the purified enzyme or the intact recombinant Escherichiacoli cells overproducing the enzyme. Under the optimized experimental conditions, 100 mM (22.8 g l−1) l-threo-MTPS was obtained from 200 mM (45.5 g l−1) dl-threo-MTPS, with a molar yield of 50% and a 99.6% enantiomeric excess.