, Volume 39, Issue 10, pp 825-834
Date: 25 Mar 2003

Unsteady free convection flow over an infinite vertical porous plate due to the combined effects of thermal and mass diffusion, magnetic field and Hall currents

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The unsteady free convection flow over an infinite vertical porous plate, which moves with time-dependent velocity in an ambient fluid, has been studied. The effects of the magnetic field and Hall current are included in the analysis. The buoyancy forces arise due to both the thermal and mass diffusion. The partial differential equations governing the flow have been solved numerically using both the implicit finite difference scheme and the difference-differential method. For the steady case, analytical solutions have also been obtained. The effect of time variation on the skin friction, heat transfer and mass transfer is very significant. Suction increases the skin friction coefficient in the primary flow, and also the Nusselt and Sherwood numbers, but the skin friction coefficient in the secondary flow is reduced. The effect of injection is opposite to that of suction. The buoyancy force, injection and the Hall parameter induce an overshoot in the velocity profiles in the primary flow which changes the velocity gradient from a negative to a positive value, but the magnetic field and suction reduce this velocity overshoot.