, Volume 184, Issue 3, pp 567-589
Date: 16 Nov 2010

Growth-type invariants for ℤ d subshifts of finite type and arithmetical classes of real numbers

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We discuss some numerical invariants of multidimensional shifts of finite type (SFTs) which are associated with the growth rates of the number of admissible finite configurations. Extending an unpublished example of Tsirelson (A strange two-dimensional symbolic system, 1992), we show that growth complexities of the form exp (n α+o(1)) are possible for non-integer α’s. In terminology of de Carvalho (Port. Math. 54(1):19–40, 1997), such subshifts have entropy dimension α. The class of possible α’s are identified in terms of arithmetical classes of real numbers of Weihrauch and Zheng (Math. Log. Q. 47(1):51–65, 2001).