, Volume 213, Issue 2, pp 83-87

Dipeptidyl peptidase activities along the processing of Serrano dry-cured ham

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The activity of pork muscle dipeptidyl peptidases I, II, III, and IV was followed during the processing of Serrano dry-cured ham. The effects of NaCl, pH, and temperature on these enzymes have also been studied for a better understanding of their importance in ham processing. The lysosomal enzymes DPP I and DPP II showed maximal activity at pH around 5.5–6.0, i.e., close to the pH in ham. At low temperatures, only DPP I and DPP IV showed relevant activity. NaCl considerably inhibited DPP activities except DPP I which was only slightly affected. Dipeptidyl peptidases remained active during the whole process except DPP II whose activity disappeared after 240 days of dry-curing.