, Volume 359, Issue 2, pp 167-170

Quantification of partial structures of aquatic humic substances by 1H-NMR under WATR conditions

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 Aquatic humic substances (HS) isolated from surface water, leakage water and ground water have been investigated by 1H-NMR. The overlapping HOD signal was eliminated by adding ammonium chloride and applying the multiecho method CPMG (Carr, Purcell, Meiboom, Gill) under WATR conditions (water attenuation by transverse relaxation) permitting quantification of partial structures of HS. The proportion of carbohydrates/alcohols/ethers decreases and the proportion of alkyl moieties increases with increasing water or soil depth and thus microbial diagenesis. Also, increasing deoxygenation of aromatic substituents is observed with increasing water or soil depth. In some cases, elimination of the NMR signal of HOD is accompanied by the appearance of another HOD signal which is slightly shifted and much smaller in intensity; this signal probably results from water strongly bound by hydrogen bonding within the HS macromolecules.