, Volume 391, Issue 7, pp 2373-2376
Date: 05 Jun 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about awards

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My favorite service activities are award committees. I have served on and/or chaired several national award committees. I enjoy the opportunity this form of service gives me to learn more about my peers, many of whom are so very talented. That said I find my service on these committees very frustrating at times. Many awards for which there should rightly be many nominees are undersubscribed. Over the years I have seen very few women and minorities nominated even though there are many who should be nominated and in receipt of awards. Another frustration is seeing deserving nominees passed over simply because of a poorly prepared nomination packet or a weak nominating letter. Considering the value that we place on professional awards in academe, I have been somewhat surprised that there have not been any columns or articles published that discuss professional awards: explaining the nomination process, providing information and advice on preparation of a competitive nomination packet, and ...