, Volume 385, Issue 8, pp 1347-1349
Date: 29 Jul 2006

Tips for effective poster presentations

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This editorial is a follow-up of an earlier article (E. Bulska ‘Good oral presentation of scientific work’ Anal Bioanal Chem 385:403–405) on strategies for effective oral communication. The previous discussion highlighted some of the differences in communicating results via formal written manuscripts and oral conference presentations. A scientific poster presentation is in many ways a hybrid format, sharing similarities with both journal manuscripts and research talks.

In many respects, the poster presentation is an ideal venue for the novice, providing a less intimidating entrée to conference presentations than the more formal oral presentation format. However, at many scientific meetings, particularly those with limited invitation only oral presentations, poster presentations are also valued by seasoned professionals as a mechanism to disseminate their research results and engage in scientific dialog with colleagues with similar research interests. This opportunity for extended person ...