, Volume 377, Issue 1, pp 1-2
Date: 19 Jul 2003

Once you get there or think you have....mentoring to pass on the torch

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In academia the training of younger scientists is an inherent core part of the system. The purpose of a graduate school program is to perform high levels of research while utilizing graduate students. This helps the students learn how to be beginning scientists, carrying on their own careers. This is the first phase of education for a scientist and ends upon receipt of the masters or doctorate degree.

The next phase is a much longer one, whether in academia or not. This is the "learning to be an eminent scientist" phase. The purpose of many of these essays is to help in the areas that need to be done in order to succeed in this phase. Are there other resources for the young scientist seeking guidance in getting through this phase? After replying with a resounding Yes! I must say what the most obvious and common one is. This is looking for mentors among one's more experienced colleagues, those who have gone this route before you. That in itself is the topic of another future essay – choo ...