, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp 279-308

An inverse free parallel spectral divide and conquer algorithm for nonsymmetric eigenproblems

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We discuss an inverse-free, highly parallel, spectral divide and conquer algorithm. It can compute either an invariant subspace of a nonsymmetric matrix \(A\) , or a pair of left and right deflating subspaces of a regular matrix pencil \(A - \lambda B\) . This algorithm is based on earlier ones of Bulgakov, Godunov and Malyshev, but improves on them in several ways. This algorithm only uses easily parallelizable linear algebra building blocks: matrix multiplication and QR decomposition, but not matrix inversion. Similar parallel algorithms for the nonsymmetric eigenproblem use the matrix sign function, which requires matrix inversion and is faster but can be less stable than the new algorithm.

Received September 20, 1994 / Revised version received February 5, 1996