, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp 757-760
Date: 09 Jan 2010

Pure transvaginal removal of eroded mesh and retained foreign body in the bladder

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Introduction and hypothesis

We present a pure transvaginal approach to the removal of eroded mesh and a retained foreign body involving the bladder secondary to placement of transvaginal mesh for management of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) using a mesh kit.


Transvaginal excision of mesh erosion involving the bladder after mesh placement using a prolapse kit was performed. A U-shaped incision was made in the anterior vaginal wall; mesh was identified, divided in the midline, and then dissected from the bladder. Additionally, a retained foreign body was removed from the bladder. The bladder was closed in three layers transvaginally.


Removal of eroded mesh and foreign body within the bladder was completed with all operative steps performed transvaginally. Follow-up cystogram was normal. There were no postoperative complications.


Transvaginal removal of mesh erosion and retained foreign body involving the bladder is feasible and allows for rapid return to normal function.