, Volume 65, Issue 2, pp 159-170
Date: 09 May 2006

Analysis of Hybrid Life-tests in Presence of Competing Risks

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The mixture of type-I and type-II censoring schemes, called the hybrid censoring scheme is quite common in life-testing or reliability experiments. In this paper, we consider the competing risks model in presence of hybrid censored data. Under this set up, it is assumed that the item may fail due to various causes and the corresponding lifetime distributions are independent and exponentially distributed with different scale parameters. We obtain the maximum likelihood estimators of the mean life of the different causes and derive their exact distributions. Using the exact distributions, all the moments can be obtained. Asymptotic confidence intervals and two bootstrap confidence intervals are also proposed. Bayes estimates and credible intervals of the unknown parameters are obtained under the assumptions of independent inverted gamma priors of the mean life of the different causes. Different methods have been compared using Monte Carlo simulations. Onereal data set has been analyzed for illustrative purposes.

Part of the work was supported by a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.