Date: 29 Feb 2008

Influence of friction during forming processes—a study using a numerical simulation technique

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Friction has an important influence in metal forming operations, as it contributes to the success or otherwise of the process. In the present investigation, the effect of friction on metal forming was studied by simulating compression tests on cylindrical Al-Mg alloy using the finite element method (FEM) technique. Three kinds of compression tests were considered wherein a constant coefficient of friction was employed at the upper die–work-piece interface. However, the coefficient of friction between the lower die–work-piece interfaces was varied in the tests. The simulation results showed that a difference in metal flow occurs near the interfaces owing to the differences in the coefficient of friction. It was concluded that the variations in the coefficient of friction between the dies and the work-piece directly affect the stress distribution and shape of the work-piece, having implications on the microstructure of the material being processed.