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Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp 865-883

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Lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection in nanofluid-filled 2D long enclosures at presence of magnetic field

  • GH. R. KefayatiAffiliated withYoung Researchers Club, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University Email author 

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In this paper, the effects of a magnetic field on natural convection flow in filled long enclosures with Cu/water nanofluid have been analyzed by lattice Boltzmann method. This study has been carried out for the pertinent parameters in the following ranges: the Rayleigh number of base fluid, Ra = 103–105, the volumetric fraction of nanoparticles between 0 and 6 %, the aspect ratio of the enclosure between A = 0.5 and 2. The Hartmann number has been varied from Ha = 0 to 90 with interval 30 while the magnetic field is considered at inclination angles of θ = 0°, 30°, 60° and 90°. Results show that the heat transfer decreases by the increment of Hartmann number for various Rayleigh numbers and the aspect ratios. Heat transfer decreases with the growth of the aspect ratio but this growth causes the effect of the nanoparticles to increase. The magnetic field augments the effect of the nanoparticles at high Rayleigh numbers (Ra = 105). The effect of the nanoparticles rises for high Hartmann numbers when the aspect ratio increases. The rise in the magnetic field inclination improves heat transfer at aspect ratio of A = 0.5.


Natural convection Long enclosures Nanofluid Magnetic field Lattice Boltzmann method