Erratum to: Diabetologia

DOI 10.1007/s00125-012-2675-1

Unfortunately there was a mistake in Fig. 6a which made it appear as though the results for the mice injected with control mAb did not start at 100%. The corrected graph is shown here.
Fig. 6

Inhibition of IL-15 signalling in NOD mice decreases type 1 diabetes. (a) Female NOD mice were administered, by i.p. injection, 200 μg TM-β1 mAb (white circles, n = 12) or control mAb (black circles, n = 8) three times a week for 4 weeks (indicated by the grey bar). Injected mice were followed for diabetes development up to 7 months of age. Data from mice from two different experiments were pooled. p < 0.01 (logrank test)

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