, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp 643-644
Date: 13 Aug 2013

IJPH goes environmental: does it?

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The answer is no and yes. IJPH is a journal of public health—not of environmental health. However, the environmental causes of health and disease have always been one of the key pillars of the highly interdisciplinary field of public health. This is reflected in the curricula of public health professionals (Bjegovic-Mikanovic et al. 2012) such as in our educational flag ships—the schools of public health. IJPH—owned by the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+)—has a long tradition in addressing, among other pressing public health challenges, its environmental dimensions, including, e.g., a past issue with an international view on housing and health (Braubach 2011; Howden-Chapman et al. 2011; De Wet et al. 2011).

This issue assembles eight review articles on relevant environmental health topics (Benson et al, Jackson et al, James et al, Mattiello et al, Nichols et al, Tétreault et al. 2013, Toloo et al, Yip et al. 2013). The call was launched in the context of the large and first-ever j ...

This Editorial is part of the special issue: "Environment and Health Reviews".