, Volume 59, Issue 3, p 243
Date: 20 Dec 2009

Klaus Ley (ed): Adhesion molecules: function and inhibition (PIR: Progress in Inflammation Research Series)

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Whilst leukocyte extravasation across high endothelial venules was first observed in the 1960s, our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of this process are much more recent and followed the advent of monoclonal antibody technology. Over the last 25 years our knowledge of adhesion events between leukocytes and endothelia has expanded greatly and continues to expand since the first identification of L-selectin. This knowledge often appears confusing to those outside the field with molecular names being derived perhaps from the alphanumeric code of a crucial monoclonal antibody, a description of the molecule (from its function or apparent pattern of expression), a systematic ‘cluster of differentiation’ code or all three. Once past the names, one must get to grips with the detail of the multistep adhesion process involved in recruiting cells from the blood and into inflamed tissues. This book is a great and informative text to all those who wish to access and demystify the field of ...