, 2011:24
Date: 05 Jul 2011

TeV scale implications of non commutative space time in laboratory frame with polarized beams

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We analyze e + e  → γγ, e γ → e γ and γγ → e + e processes within the Seiberg-Witten expanded noncommutative scenario using polarized beams. With unpolarized beams the leading order effects of non commutativity starts from second order in non commutative (NC) parameter i.e. O2), while with polarized beams these corrections appear at first order (O(Θ)) in cross section. The corrections in Compton case can probe the magnetic component \( \left( {{{\overrightarrow \Theta }_B}} \right) \) while in Pair production and Pair annihilation probe the electric component \( \left( {{{\overrightarrow \Theta }_E}} \right) \) of NC parameter. We include the effects of earth rotation in our analysis. This study is done by investigating the effects of non commutativity on different time averaged cross section observables. The results which also depends on the position of the collider, can provide clear and distinct signatures of the model testable at the International Linear Collider (ILC).