Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section B

, Volume 65, Issue 6, pp 238-248

First online:

The sphyraenidae of the Indian coasts

I.Sphyraenella chrysotaenia (Klunzinger), 1884 andSphyraena qenie Klunzinger, 1870
  • S. DuttAffiliated withDepartment of Zoology, Andhra University
  • , B. V. Seshagiri RaoAffiliated withDepartment of Zoology, Andhra University

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Sphyraenella chrysotaenia (Klunzinger) andSphyraena qenie Klunzinger are recorded and described for the first time from Indian waters. Juveniles and adults of the former species occur at Visakhapatnam; adults were collected also from Porto Novo and Ernakulam. Adults ofS. qenie were collected from Visakhapatnam and Ernakulam.

S. chrysotaenia can be distinguished from the related speciesS. flavicauda and fromS. obtusata by: (1) Deeper body; (2) Longer pectorals and ventrals; (3) Second dorsal spine being longer than first; (4) Distance from tip of depressed first dorsal to origin of second dorsal being less than snout length; (5) Elongated last rays of second dorsal and anal.

S. qenie is distinguished by: (1) Absence of gill rakers; (2) Both dorsal fins and all or most anal rays being dark; (3) Maxilla reaching to vertical line through front of eye; (4) Absence of preopercular flap.