Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A

, Volume 58, Issue 4, pp 244-256

First online:

Harmonic and anharmonic oscillations of a cylindrical plasma in the presence of a uniform axial magnetic field and a steady axial current

  • C. DevanathanAffiliated withDepartment of Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science
  • , C. UberoiAffiliated withDepartment of Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science

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In the present note we have studied the harmonic and anharmonic oscillations of cylindrical plasma using Lagrangian formalism. In order to study the harmonic oscillations, the equations are linearized and the resulting equation for the displacement has been numerically solved. For situations present in thermonuclear reactors, the presence of axial magnetic field is found necessary to make the periods of oscillation to become comparable with the time required for the thermonuclear reactions to set in. A detailed analysis of the anharmonic oscillations reveals that the significant interaction is between the first and the second mode. The fundamental period of anharmonic oscillation is more than the corresponding period of harmonic oscillations by 9·2%. Graphs have been drawn for the amplitudes of relative variations in density and magnetic field and of the time-varying part of anharmonic oscillation.