, Volume 7, Issue 2-3, pp 243-271

The Aurora or-parallel Prolog system

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Aurora is a prototype or-parallel implementation of the full Prolog language for shared-memory multiprocessors, developed as part of an informal research collaboration known as the “Gigalips Project”. It currently runs on Sequent and Encore machines. It has been constructed by adapting Sicstus Prolog, a fast, portable, sequential Prolog system. The techniques for constructing a portable multiprocessor version follow those pioneered in a predecessor system, ANL-WAM. The SRI model was adopted as the means to extend the Sicstus Prolog engine for or-parallel operation. We describe the design and main implementation features of the current Aurora system, and present some experimental results. For a range of benchmarks, Aurora on a 20-processor Sequent Symmetry is 4 to 7 times faster than Quintus Prolog on a Sun 3/75. Good performance is also reported on some large-scale Prolog applications.