, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 299-306

An overall assessment of Life Cycle Inventory quality

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A qualitative, quantitative, and overall quality assessment of life cycle inventory is suggested. The method is composed of five indicators which are set up at three levels of the inventory quality: flows, processes, and the system. The method allows one to assess the reliability of the method generating inventory data (justness of data, completeness of data, representativity of processes, repeatability of system definition) and at the same time to quantify the uncertainty of the resulting data made under the data generation method. LCA practitioners can finally decide the overall inventory quality through the information for the acceptability of the inventory result comparing the objective of quality and the cost necessary to improve the quality. The operation of the method was verified in the application to the production of polyethylene bottles. The proposed method was also found applicable for the validation of data in the ISO’s LCA data documentation format.