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Bulletin of Materials Science

, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp 623-630

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A critical assessment of the standard molar gibbs free energy of formation of NiWO4

  • P Markondeya RajAffiliated withDepartment of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science

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Three independent studies have been reported on the free energy of formation of NiWO4. Results of these measurements are analyzed by the “third-law” method, using thermal functions for NiWO4 derived from both low and high temperature heat capacity measurements. Values for the standard molar enthalpy of formation of NiWO4 at 298·15 K obtained from “third-law” analysis are compared with direct calorimetric determinations. Only one set of free energy measurements is found to be compatible with calorimetric enthalpies of formation. The selected value for Δf H m 0 (NiWO4, cr, 298·15 K) is the average of the three calorimetric measurements, using both high temperature solution and combustion techniques, and the compatible free energy determination. A new set of evaluated data for NiWO4 is presented.


“Third-law” analysis Gibbs energy function e.m.f. measurements enthalpy of formation heat capacity entropy phase relations