, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 1027-1054

PVU and wave-particle splitting schemes for Euler equations of gas dynamics

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A new way of flux-splitting, termed as the wave-particle splitting is presented for developing upwind methods for solving Euler equations of gas dynamics. Based on this splitting, two new upwind methods termed as Acoustic Flux Vector Splitting (AFVS) and Acoustic Flux Difference Splitting (AFDS) methods are developed. A new Boltzmann scheme, which closely resembles the wave-particle splitting, is developed using the kinetic theory of gases. This method, termed as Peculiar Velocity based Upwind (PVU) method, uses the concept of peculiar velocity for upwinding. A special feature of all these methods is that the unidirectional and multidirectional parts of the flux vector are treated separately. Extensive computations done using these schemes demonstrate the soundness of the ideas.