, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp 736-740

Kinetic analysis of thermal decomposition of boric acid from thermogravimetric data

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The kinetic parameters of the thermal decomposition of boric acid have been investigated by using TGA data. Suzuki and Coats-Redfern methods have been applied for the kinetic investigation. It was determined that decomposition kinetics of boric acid occurred in two steps and both regions suitably fit a first-order kinetic model. According to Coats-Redfern method, the activation energy and frequency factor were found as 79.85 kJ·mol-1 and 3.82x 104 min-1 for region I and 4.79 kJ·mol-1 and 4.045 x 10-5 min-1 for region II, respectively. The activation energies and frequency factors were found as 4.45 kJ·mol-1 and 4.08 x108 min-1 for the Suzuki method.