, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 27-43

Foods consumed by sympatric populations ofGorilla g. gorilla andPan t. troglodytes in Gabon: Some preliminary data

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Data on foods consumed by gorillas and chimpanzees living in primary forest in Gabon were collected, mainly by examination of the contents of feces. Gorillas ate fruit very regularly (some fruit remains were present in 97.6% of 246 fecal samples examined), in addition to leaves, stems, pith, and bark. Some fruit remains were present in all chimpanzee fecal samples examined. Mean numbers of fruit species per fecal sample were 2.5 for gorillas and 2.1 for chimpanzees. Sixty percent of all identified foods recorded for gorillas were recorded for chimpanzees as well. Our results indicate that important differences in diet exist between western lowland gorillas and the eastern gorilla populations of Kahuzi-Biega and the Virunga Volcanoes. It is now clear that western gorillas cannot be accurately classed as folivores.