, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 77-78

Production of synthetic palm wine

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Palm wine was produced in the labora-tory by fermenting a solution containing 12.5% fructose, 5.0% glucose, 12.5% sucrose, 2.5% raffi-nose and 0.01% ammonium phosphate with washed palm wine dregs at 28°C for 24 h. A sec-ond sample was produced from the same solution but with added 0.1% yeast extract. The two prod-ucts were compared with natural palm wine. Syn-thetic palm wine without yeast extract was prefer-red by an organoleptic assessment panel (with 105 points) to natural palm wine (101 points) and syn-thetic palm wine with yeast extract (33 points). It is thus possible to produce palm wine without re-course to the palm tree.