Mechanical Behavior

Metallurgical Transactions A

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 165-171

First online:

The influence of boron uponr m value in aluminum killed drawing quality steel

  • D. T. QuintoAffiliated withInland Steel Research Laboratories
  • , I. F. HughesAffiliated withInland Steel Research Laboratories

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The influence of boron levels up to 40 ppm on ther m value and mechanical properties of an aluminum killed steel have been investigated. It is shown that boron levels in excess of 15 ppm cause a marked deterioration inr m value from a level of 1.7 to that of 1.2. This change inr m value is associated with a characteristic change in grain shape from elongated to equiaxed, an inhibition of aluminum nitride precipitation in the annealed sheet and a lowering of the intensity of {111{ poles. The influence of boron on aluminum nitride formation is discussed.