, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 357-361

The effect of alternate-day low dose prednisolone on bone age in children with steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome

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Radius, ulna, short bones (RUS), carpal (CARP) bone age (BA), tibial corticodiaphyseal (C/D) ratio and trabecular aspect were assessed in 19 children with steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome and 15 age matched healthy children. Both RUS and CARP BA were significantly lower than in the controls. Trabecular aspect and tibial C/D ratio did not show any statistical significance. There was a positive correlation between HSDS and RUS BA delay (r=−0.476, p<0.05); CARP BA delay and RUS BA delay (r=0.563, p<0.01) and RUS BA and CARP BA (r=0.891, p<0.001). In conclusion, RUS and CARP BA are both retarded and positively correlated in steroid dependent nephrotic children.