, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 268-273

Keto fatty acids formCuspidaria pterocarpa seed oil

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The seed oil ofCuspidaria pterocarpa contains three keto fatty acids with unusually long carbon chains: 15-oxo-cis-18-tetracosenoic (5.4%), 17-oxo-cis-20-hexacosenoic (13.4%), and 19-oxo-cis-22-octacosenoic (3.3%) acids. These acids were isolated by countercurrent distribution of the corresponding methyl esters. Their structures were established by oxidative degradation, by reduction to known compounds, and by nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectra.

Presented at the AOCS Meeting, Los Angeles, April 1966.
No. Utiliz. Res. Dev. Div., ARS, USDA.