, Volume 20, Issue 3-4, pp 325-329

Pathological lesions attributable to vitamin deficiency in skeletal remains from Puy St. Pierre (Briançon, France)

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the presence of pathological alterations attributable to vitamin deficiency in osteological remains from the church of St. Pierre in Puy de St. Pierre, Briançon, France.

We recorded alterations referable to scurvy, an acquired osteodystrophy due to vitamin C deficiency, which causes both skeletal and vascular lesions in humans. Scurvy presents a different clinical picture in children and adults: in the latter, in leaves skeletal signs on the palate and teeth.

The recording of osteodystrophies attributable to vitamin deficiency allowed us to make general inferences about the nutritional profile of the group under study.

The study of this pathology, as well as that of nutritional stresses, can be related to the geographical-environmental conditions of the population to which the sample belongs.

This is important from the anthropological point of view, especially in order to examine alimentary habits within the context of the man-environments relationship.