, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 129-138

A note on the chimpanzee ecology of the Ugalla Area, Tanzania

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Results of a nine-day survey of the chimpanzee habitat in Ugalla area of western Tanzania in 1975 is reported. The most dominant vegetation of the area wasJulbernardia globiflora woodland. Evidence of chimpanzees, both indirect (such as beds, faeces, and food remnants) and direct (calls and actual observation), suggests that chimpanzees are sparsely distributed throughout the area, but that they disproportionately useBrachystegia bussei woodland along escarpments andCynometra-Albizzia riverrine forests. The hilly country of Sisegwa/Mnyangwa was the only area where chimpanzees appeared to be comparatively abundant. Mammal hair found in faeces indicates mammal-predation by the chimpanzees in this area. Hard-shelled fruits ofStrychnos were apparently bitten open without the use of extra-somatic objects. The food repertoire included fruits of the generaAzanza, Canthium, Cordia, andTamarindus.