, Volume 7, Issue 1-2, pp 88-93

Ionic conductivity and battery characteristic studies on PEO+NaClO3 polymer electrolyte

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Solid polymer electrolyte films based on poly (ethylene oxide) PEO complexed with NaClO3 have been prepared by a solution-cast technique. The solvation of Na+ ion with PEO is confirmed by XRD and IR studies. Measurements of the a.c. conductivity in the temperature range 308 – 378 K and the transference numbers have been carried out to investigate the charge transport in this polymer electrolyte system. Transport number data show that the charge transport in this polymer electrolyte system is predominantly due to ions. The highest conductivity (2.12.10−4 S/cm) has been observed for the 70:30 composition. Using the polymer electrolyte solid state electrochemical cells have been fabricated. The various cell parameters are evaluated and reported.