, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 582-584

Ischemic colitis during interferon-alpha treatment for chronic active hepatitis C

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Between 1991 and 1994, at Hoshigaoka Koseinenkin Hospital, we treated 280 patients with chronic hepatitis C with interferon (IFN), and ischemic colitis occurred in two patients (0.7%) during the treatment. Melena appeared in case 1 in the 2nd month after the initiation of IFN-alpha treatment, and in case 2 in the 6th month. In both patients, longitudinal ulcerations in the descending colon were revealed by urgent colonoscopy, and these resolved within 2 weeks after discontinuation of the IFN treatment. It appears that ischemic colitis was associated with the IFN treatment, suggesting that attention should be paid to this possible complication.