, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 103-110

Anal duct/gland cyst

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PURPOSE: The purpose of this communication is to report a case of anal duct/gland cyst and review cases of perianal and presacrococcygeal mucus-secreting cysts reported in the literature with emphasis on their histopathologic features. METHOD: Our patient presented with coccydynia. An extraluminal retrorectal tumor was felt on rectal examination. A computerized tomographic scan demonstrated a presacrococcygeal mass closely related to the anorectal junction. The tumor and the coccyx were excised using a posterior approach. Cases of perianal and presacroccygeal mucus-secreting cysts reported in the literature were reviewed. RESULTS: In our case, the tumor proved to be an anal duct/gland cyst. Some of the reported cases of presacrococcygeal glandular cysts had histopathologic features suggestive of anal duct/gland origin. CONCLUSION: Diagnosis of anal duct/gland cyst is based on routine histologic features, histochemical characteristics of mucus, and/or the presence of a communication with an anal duct or crypt. Based on these criteria, some of the reported cases of mucus-secreting cysts occurring around the anorectum may prove to be anal duct/gland in origin.