, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp 619-629

Processing of multi-dimensional NMR data with the new software PROSA

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The new program PROSA is an efficient implementation of the common data-processing steps for multi-dimensional NMR spectra. PROSA performs linear prediction, digital filtering, Fourier transformation, automatic phase correction, and baseline correction. High efficiency is achieved by avoiding disk storage of intermediate data and by the absence of any graphics display, which enables calculation in the batch mode and facilitates porting PROSA on a variety of different computer systems; including supercomputers. Furthermore, all time-consuming routines are completely vectorized. The elimination of a graphics display was made possible by the use of a new, reliable automatic phase-correction routine. CPU times for complete processing of a typical heteronuclear three-dimensional NMR data set of a protein vary between less than 1 min on a NEC SX3 supercomputer and 40 min on a Sun-4 computer system.