, Volume 179, Issue 2, pp 323-329

The determination of selenium in urine

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The selenium excreted in urine can be measured to assess the dietary status of selenium, an essential trace element in human nutrition. The objectives of this work were: 1) to develop a procedure, capable of high sample throughout, by which the major interferences can be reduced such that selenium concentrations can be measured in urine by Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) using77mSe (17.4 s; and 2) to apply the method to a human dietary selenium study in which several selenium monitors were compared. The method involves a pre-irradiation arsenic-coprecipitation separation of the selenium from urine in the presence of a high specific-activity75Se tracer. The processed urine samples are analyzed using NAA. The procedure was applied to 58 urine specimens longitudinally collected from 12 subjects consuming three different levels of selenium. A dose-response relationship was observed in urine as well as a high correlations with both serum and whole blood selenium concentrations.