, Volume 39, Issue 12, pp 1373-1374

The effect of methyl jasmonate on lycopene and β-carotene accumulation in ripening red tomatoes

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Methyl jasmonate at a concentration of 0.5% in lanolin paste was applied to detached mature green tomatoes cv. Venture. It caused the formation of a yellow colored epidermis and parenchyma at a depth of 2 mm on the place of treatment. Untreated areas, and areas treated with lanolin paste alone, developed a normal red color at the fully ripened stage. Analyses of carotenoid compositions showed that methyl jasmonate almost totally inhibited lycopene accumulation and stimulated β-carotene accumulation in the ripening of tomatoes.

Acknowledgments. We wish to thank Dr Y. Inamoto, Kao Soap Co. Ltd, Japan and Dr E. Demole, Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland, for the gift of authentic (±)-methyl jasmonate.