Rheologica Acta

, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 284-288

First online:

Rheological behavior of powder in a rotational viscometer

  • Hiroshi KunoAffiliated withFaculty of Engineering, Keio University
  • , Mamoru SennaAffiliated withFaculty of Engineering, Keio University

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The bahavior of granular materials in theMac Michael type viscometer was studied. The deflection angle of the bob decreased with the increase of the rate of rotation of the cup in the cases of these materials contrary to those of liquids. The powder bed in the gap of the viscometer is divided into twp cylindrical parts, the inner one with flowing layers of particles and the other moving with the cup as a bulk. The existence of these two parts is considered responsible for the extraordinary behavior of powder in the viscometer. The coefficient of kinetic friction of powder layers was obtained by applyingBenarie's analysis to our results.