, Volume 62, Issue 1, pp 9-18

A comprehensive alternative to residential treatment for adolescents and young adults

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This paper describes a treatment modality for adolescents and young adults who do not respond successfully to treatment within the family context. A comprehensive therapeutic program is implemented in the open community, providing benefits of residential care while avoiding many of the drawbacks. Five key components are discussed: creating individualized programs using community resources; effecting a complete separation from parents; maximizing autonomy and self-reliance; facilitating a corrective family experience; and capitalizing on transference in intensive individual psychotherapy, which is enhanced when a married couple functions as the treatment team. Suggestions for implementing this model are discussed and advantages and limitations are cited.

Barbara L. Ingram, Ph.D., is with Pepperdine University. Eli Katz and Ellen Katz are with the Family Enrichment Center, Jerusalem and Hertzliya. For further information about the program write to them at Hakalanit St. 1, Hertzliya, Israel 46413.